Standard Metal Buildings

From a single carport to a double, fully enclosed garage, our 12’ – 24’ wide units are the most economical and highest quality units on the market.

Steel Barns

Three barn styles; Horse Barn, Carolina Barn, and Seneca Barn. Designed with 3 sections combined to make units up to 64’ Wide, our widest selection available (not clear span).

Certified Triple Wide Buildings

Triple Wides, 26’-30’ Wide Clear Span. Engineer Certified with a heavy duty truss system to meet wind and snow load requirements.

40' Wide Certified Carports

32’ – 40’ Wide, Engineer Certified, Fully Vertical. Custom truss design for clear span area.

Carolina Steel Carports, Garages and Barns

At A Cottage Collection, we believe in a multi-pronged
approach towards offering the best customer service and
maintaining our position as a leader in the metal buildings industry.

A Cottage Collection has been helping people save money by
providing them with metal carports, storage sheds, workshops,
industrial buildings, and agricultural metal buildings which are the best quality and at the lowest prices.

We continue to grow from strength to strength by delivering
upon our promise of quality steel structures at lowest prices in the industry.

We know that the lives of people can be improved if we help them
save money and introduce products that can offer the extra
durability and comfort so that their investment stays intact for years to come.

This allows us to work together with our distributors,
contractors, technicians, and associates throughout all of United
States in constructing metal buildings which are known,
recognized, and carry forward the heritage that A Cottage Collection has carved with passion and trust.

Why Us?


Here Are Ten Commonly Asked Questions

1# How long will it take to get my building delivered after I place an order?

Delivery times vary depending on your area although it is generally 2-8 weeks from the time your order is received.  To inquire about specific delivery times in your area, feel free to contact our office and speak with your state’s customer service representative.

2# Would I save money buying my building directly from CCI?

No, our dealers are our only sales agents and we are loyal to those dealers. We also feel that you will better understand our product if you visit one of our dealer locations so that you may see the product first hand, on display

3# What are the dimensions of the building, outside to outside?

Our building measurements are Width x Length x Height For Example, An 18’ x 21’ x 6’ building’s base frame size is 18’ x 20’ x 6’. Note that the measurements stated are the dimensions of the roof metal. It has a 6” overhang on each end so the bottom base rail frame is one foot shorter than the roof. The width is measured from the outside of the base rail to the other outside of the base rail.

4# What size do I need to pour my cement slab?

You should pour your cement exact to the width and 1’ shorter in length. In Florida, the cement should be ¾” wider than the width and 1’ shorter in length. For Example: In all states except Florida, the slab for an 18’ x 21’ x 6’ unit needs to be 18’ x 20’. In Florida, the slab for the same unit needs to be 18’ ¾” x 20’

5# What is the highest leg height that I can get?

12’ is the highest that is listed on our 12’ – 24’ wide brochure. Leg height over 12’ requires approval by CCI management. 14’ is the highest that is listed on our 26’ – 40’ wide brochures. Customer must provide a lift during installation on buildings wider than 30’.

6# Does my installation site need to be level?

To ensure proper installation, your site must be level.

7# When are the extra 4’ braces required?

4’ braces are required when the leg height is 8’ or taller on buildings that are not fully enclosed They are included on all certified structures that are not fully enclosed. They are included at no charge on all triple-wide buildings.

8# Could you make additions to the building after it’s already installed?

In most cases, yes. There will be a service charge of $50 or more on all return trips. We will add to CCI buildings only.

9# What types of anchors do you use?

We have three different types of anchors. They are for ground/asphalt installation, 32” rebar anchors. For ground/asphalt installations that are certified, double helix mobile home anchors are used. Those anchors can be used on non-certified ground installations at an additional charge. Wedge anchors for concrete installations.

10# What is the widest building that I can get?

We manufacture clear span buildings from 12’ to 40’ wide and other custom buildings up to 68’ wide (barn style buildings).


Three barn styles; Horse Barn, Carolina Barn, and Seneca Barn. Designed with 3 sections combined to make units up to 64’ Wide, our widest selection available (not clear span).
From a single carport to a double, fully enclosed garage, our 12’ – 24’ wide units are the most economical and highest quality units on the market.
Triple Wides, 26’-30’ Wide Clear Span. Engineer Certified with a heavy duty truss system to meet wind and snow load requirements.


32’ – 40’ Wide, Engineer Certified, Fully Vertical. Custom truss design for clear span area.

Cincinnati Carports

A Cottage Collection is proud to become a leading supplier of Carolina Carports in Cincinnati, Kentucky, and across the United States.
If you speak with us in person or browse our Carolina Carports online, you can shop confidently knowing that all our Carolina metal buildings are manufactured with the utmost quality, using 12- or 14-gauge galvanized steel to resist the elements in any portion of the nation, and are completely backed by it’s dependable and strong guarantee.

Carolina Carports, Inc. was founded in 1997, offering the finest craftsmanship in the production of metal carports, steel buildings, and other construction solutions, together with cutting-edge technologies, together with masterful engineering, and state of the art machinery.
Carolina Carports, Inc. is North Carolina’s leading producer in the prefabricated metal buildings market and is committed to creating its high-quality field of building alternative while maintaining competitive pricing of its products, available nationally.

A Cottage Collection is proud to be partnered with Carolina Carports, and, through them, provide two Main product categories:
-Non-Engineered Certified Units, for areas which maintain a rather temperate climate, also;
-Engineer-Certified Units, for all areas, especially those with heavy wind, rain, or snow loading requirements.

As with our standard Carports, Garages, and Barns, Carolina Carports provides All of the custom buildings like Utility Carports, Storage Sheds, Lean-to Carports and Garages, RV Carport, Boat Covers, Horse Barns, Livestock Sheds etc. with three Main roof systems: Regular, Boxed-Eave, and Vertical Roofs.

At A Cottage Collection, we’re proud to be among the leading licensed providers of Carolina Carports nationally. By maintaining this unique connection, we are able to work directly with the manufacturer, allowing us to pass our exceptionally lower prices to you!
Whether you’re looking for a traditional Metal Carport, or a different kind of metal building, A Cottage Collection, working with Carolina Carports, provides you with the ideal solution for your building requirements.

Choose from a vast array of customization options, such as dimensions, colors, windows, doors, trim, gables, and much more to design the excellent Carolina Carport or other custom building for your home or business. Take a spin around our site to see our metal buildings prices, wide product range and all that we have to offer, or CONTACT US today to start.

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